How to Stop Yelling at Your Kids Replay

What an amazing workshop! It was helpful for SO many moms to learn how to better control their emotions, even if their child is acting up. You can watch the replay here - but be aware that it is only available for a limited time. This is to encourage you to take action now - even if it's small action. πŸ’›

Confidently Momming Kids with Big Emotions: 12-Week Mastermind

At the end of our call, I gave you more information for those of you that would like to continue to work with me deeper, to achieve greater calm and confidence when parenting a child with intense emotions & behaviors. We will follow 3 strong but simple steps, and I plan to overdeliver on value (see the details by clicking here).


When the polished product launches in January, the price will be $1277 (and will be worth far more than that). This November is a unique opportunity to participate in the pilot group for only $300. And, to make it easy for a small group to get started in our community, it only costs $177 for the first 5 to sign up (use promo code FIRST5). Interested? Click here to sign up.


Total spots are limited to the first 10 - so you will want to let me know soon if you might be interested, and what lingering concerns or questions you might have. I love hearing from you!


Your children are blessed to have you as their mother. Thank you for the honor of helping you enlighten your motherhood!