How to
Stay Calm
In Control

even when your kids are melting down

Ever feel so overwhelmed with your child's big emotions/behaviors that you just kind of lose it yourself?

You are SO not alone.

In this workshop, I will provide you with some powerful tools to learn to control your own emotions - even if your child has their own big feelings.

Who this workshop is for:

❖ Parents who struggle to stay in control when your child is misbehaving

❖ Parents who "lose it" when you wish you hadn't - maybe you burst into tears, run out of the room, shut off, or have another fight/flight/freeze response

❖ Parents who love their children but sometimes struggle to show up the way they want to

❖ Parents who want more calm & peace in their home

No judgement. Just compassion & incredibly useful tools.

​I will teach you to utilize 4 simple, yet powerful, steps that can drastically change the way you feel in parenting, and are the foundation to confidently parent a child with big feelings & behaviors.

In this 1-hour workshop we will cover

How to Stay Calm - Even During Meltdowns

How to Confidently Parent a Kid with Big Feelings

Proven Tips for Ditching the Mom Guilt

What you can expect during this workshop:

✔️ Quickly get to the root of why you fight/flight/freeze

✔️ My proven method for staying calm, even when your child is melting down

✔️ Tips for ditching the mom guilt

✔️ Learn how to bring more peace into your home

✔️ Compassion, solidarity, support​

Hi! I'm Emily Hamblin

Hi! I'm Emily Hamblin

Before becoming a mom, I was so proud of how little I yelled. I was sure motherhood would be a breeze for me! Fast forward years later, and I was a mom who yelled...a lot. I often blamed it on my children's big feelings & challenging behaviors - if only I could get them to control their own emotions & behaviors, I wouldn't feel pushed to yell so often!

...until I came to realize that the very first step in helping my child learn to handle their big feelings, was to learn to control my own. Our home is so much lighter, and I don't find motherhood nearly as hard.

If you're still reading this, I'm guessing that you can relate. There is no harsh judgement here - only compassion, and a desire to empower you. This workshop will help you take control of your own emotions, so you can then help your child learn to control theirs, and so there will be more ease and light in your motherhood.

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