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Many moms feel overwhelmed with their children's intense emotions & behaviors. In just a couple hours a week, this 12 week Mastermind will empower you to be able to handle your child's intense emotions & challenging behaviors, so that you can have more peace at home & better relationships with your children. 


It is the most time-leveraged, compassionate, and effective fast-track to confidently parenting children with big feelings.


We will through the material week-by-week as a Mastermind, and will supplement it with group coaching, email, online commmunity/discussion, printed guides, and more. Purchasing now will ensure that you reserve your spot. Login & other information to access all Mastermind materials will be sent to the email used to purchase this product before our start date of March 2023.


I absolutely believe that you love your children and want to be able to show up calmly - even when they have their own big feelings. I believe that you want to know how to get to the root of their intense emotions & behaviors, and to learn how to construct your personal parenting toolbox full of effective options to use for your child. I also believe that this program can help you get there. 


Join us as we help you enlighten your motherhood. 💛 

Confident Momming for Kids with Big Emotions Mastermind