Enlightening Motherhood Podcast

Enlighten your journey of parenting a child with big emotions

Many moms feel overwhelmed with their children's intense behaviors - especially when their child is no longer a toddler. This podcast was created to help you handle your kid's big feelings & behaviors with more confidence, so you can have more light in your motherhood.

The Enlightening Motherhood Podcast offers a non-judgmental community for moms who are raising kids with big emotions. Host Emily Hamblin and co-host Ashley Schultz have professional backgrounds working with children, and even more, are currently in the thick of raising kids with big feelings. They share their personal experiences and expert insights to help moms navigate the challenges of motherhood with more light and ease.

With real-life solidarity, practical tips, strategies, and interviews with experts in the field, this podcast empowers moms to confidently manage their children's big feelings and behaviors, strengthen their relationships, and build happier, more fulfilling lives. Join us and our supportive community of moms as we enlighten motherhood together.

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