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Congratulations, Mama!

Your Meltdown Cheatsheet + Mini-Training are on their way to your inbox!

If the email doesn't arrive within 15 minutes, check your spam or promotions folder, or email me at and I'll help you out.

This cheat sheet + mini-training is your go-to guide to making sure you understand why your child is melting down, so you can more confidently handle their hard times. 

“I was blown away by how helpful this guide was! I was able to put the tools directly into action and have experienced immediate relief. What a fabulous resource!"
-Lauren B.
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As a mom of 4, former foster mom of 4, and educator of all ages, I know the heart-wrenching dread when you realize that your child is about to meltdown.

It seemed like nothing I did would help, or it would just make it worse. 

...but years later, working with 1,000+ children, and doing my own research, I learned my signature 4-step process to confidently parent my emotionally intense children.

Our home is so much lighter, and I don't stress nearly like I used to when my children are on the brink of completely losing all emotional control.

If you can relate at all, there is definitely no harsh judgement here - only compassion, and a desire to empower you. Join me in any of my programs or memberships so you can then help your child learn better emotional regulation, and so there will be more ease and light in your motherhood.

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