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Enlightening Motherhood

Empowering moms to confidently parent kids with big feelings

Hey! I'm Emily

Compassionate Parent Guide

I love my family deeply. But - I also know what it's like to feel overwhelmed, stressed out, and even isolated when parenting children with intense emotions & behaviors. And I know that you don't have to stay in that space. 

I empower moms to calmly & confidently handle their children's big feelings & behaviors, so motherhood won't feel so hard.

 I passionately and compassionately welcome you to a caring and understanding community, and help you reach within to find tools to help you take action, parent intentionally, and better handle the difficulties you are facing. 

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I "Get" It

As a mom of 4, former foster mom of 27, and having experienced 7 early pregnancy losses, add to it the neurodiversity within my family, and I definitely know a thing or two about the difficulties that motherhood can bring. I am passionate about using my life experiences to help you in the trials you are facing as a mom.

My entire goal as a mom life coach is to empower mothers who are struggling - maybe they're feeling overwhelmed, burnt out, stressed, or isolated - to instead feel calm, confident, and capable as you handle the challenges of motherhood.

Have you ever wondered why your child seems to melt down SO MUCH?! Or why seemingly simple things tend to trigger intense emotional outbursts? You're not alone!


I have created a free resource to help you quickly and easily get to the root of their meltdowns. It's a beautiful, useful multi-page cheatsheet and short but strong video to explain it.

 Check out my free Meltdown Cheatsheet + Mini-Training video.



I sincerely look forward to meeting with you, whether through a live workshop, mastermind, or just by popping in your inbox every week.

You've got this, mama!

Walk on the Beach
"Emily is authentic and listens with compassion. Her advice is practical and helpful. She highlights positives, is encouraging and thinks outside of the box. Her wisdom and insights have blessed my life. She is a light to those around her and is using her gifts and talents to lift others. I highly recommend Emily’s coaching services."

Ashley Schultz

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