Managing Kids' Meltdowns

A mom's guide to less meltdowns

Feeling overwhelmed with your child's intense meltdowns?

  • Your child is no longer a toddler, so you think they should have outgrown this by now!
  • You feel like you don't know how to best help your child learn to regulate their emotions.
  • You sometimes struggle to keep your own emotions in check when your child is freaking out.
  • You love your child but sometimes it's hard to be around them

Ready for..

A better relationship with your child

Less negativity and more peace at home

Effective tools for decreasing your child's meltdowns

This masterclass is for parents who:

❖ have children (of any age - not just toddlers) with emotional outbursts

❖ are feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, or stressed out with their child's meltdowns

❖ love their children but sometimes struggle with their child's intense emotions/behaviors

❖ wish their child had better emotional regulation skills

❖ want a better relationship with their child, more ease in motherhood, more calm & peace in their home

By the end of this masterclass, you'll know how to:
✔️ Help shorten the duration, frequency, or intensity of your child's meltdowns
✔️ Effectively teach your child how to regulate their emotions
✔️ Stay calm, even when you're exhausted or overwhelmed
✔️ Ditch the mom guilt
✔️ Enjoy a peaceful home

Life with big-emotions kids doesn't have to be so hard

Life with big-emotions kids doesn't have to be so hard

Hi! I'm Emily Hamblin.

I empower moms to confidently handle their children's big emotions and behaviors, so they can have better relationships with their children, more joy in the journey of raising kids, and learn how to help their children thrive.

Be guided by someone who "gets it"

As a mom of 4, former foster mom of 27, with a neurodivergent family, and many years of experience as an educator, I understand the overwhelm that can come when parenting a child with challenging behaviors...especially when s/he hasn't seemed to outgrow their challenges quite like you thought they would.

You don't need to stay in that space.

As a:

☀️ certified teacher

☀️with college degrees in education and

☀️20+ years experience,

I've worked with more than

☀️1,000 children across the globe, and

☀️educated 100's of adults.

Each individual is precious and unique - so a personalized approach is key to effectively helping big-emotions children. My expertise, passion, and compassion guarantee to deliver that.

You love your child more than anything.

This masterclass empowers you with tools and strategies to bridge the gap caused by your child's intense emotions & behaviors, so your child can gain the skills they need to thrive.

Children's meltdowns can create a fracture in the parent / child relationship.

Take the time to invest in this critical relationship

You want to build a relationship of love and trust, but when you don't know how to handle their meltdowns, it can fracture your relationship.

You care about your children deeply.

You don't need to let the years roll by while your children's meltdowns fracture the most important relationship in your heart.

Children's meltdowns can create a fracture in the parent / child relationship.

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