Calling all parents who are stressed, overwhelmed, or feeling spread thin!

Watch this quick video to learn how you can help your family thrive emotionally, without spending thousands of dollars or countless hours figuring it out.


Worried that the stress of today is shaping your family's tomorrow?

Feel like nobody understands your family's chaos, or your own guilt or overwhelm?

Transform your time spent as

a stressed-out mom into

happier memories for you and your kids.

Truly effective parenting

- the kind that nurtures happy, capable, and resilient adults -

involves more than just guiding your child.

Stop watching precious moments slip by in overwhelm.

Your personal growth is the compass that leads your family forward.

Learn how to transform your own emotional health, so you'll not only deeply enjoy but also fully utilize the precious time you have to create memories with your child:

shape, protect, inspire, and prepare them so that they can unfold their full potential.

Let's face it -

Motherhood can be hard.

Can you relate?

  • No matter how much you do, you often feel guilty for not being a good enough parent
  • You're frequently stressed and on the verge of burnout, but you can't seem to get a break.
  • You feel like you're alone in your parenting struggles, and you wish you had a non-judgemental community to turn to.
  • There's a nagging worry that the tension and conflicts at home might leave invisible scars, erasing the joy and love you try so hard to foster.
  • There's a fear lurking in your mind: "What if my own struggles negatively impact their future?" "Am I failing my kids?"

Always remember - you are not a failure.

Yet you'd give anything for to show up as the mom you really want to be - confident, happier, and more at peace.

"My children are melting down less, and I am more consciously able to show up like the mom I want to be."

I always loved my children, but before working with Emily I felt constantly overwhelmed as a mother, struggling to balance my own needs with the demands of motherhood. This program has changed so much for me.

My children are melting down less, and I am more consciously able to show up like the mom I want to be. My self-talk is so much more compassionate and that is translating to me being a calmer, more confident version of myself, too.

-Sierra H.

You want to raise an emotionally healthy family so you'll all have memories of…

Deeper, More Authentic Family Relationships

Create a family life filled with meaningful interactions that last a lifetime. Build lasting family bonds that thrive on trust and open communication, even through life's ups and downs.

Less Conflict & More Peace at Home

Transform your approach to those tough moments, equipping your family with effective conflict resolution skills that lead to a peaceful, respectful & understanding home.

Effective, Compassionate Parenting Tools

Embrace a personalized approach to parenting, where practical, tailored strategies meet your family's individual challenges, and are effective in addressing challenging behavior.

In just minutes a day, you can go

from stressed & overwhelmed

to calm & empowered.

"It’s been a total game-changer for our family dynamics."

My life as a mom used to feel like a constant battlefield with unexpected changes and meltdowns at every turn. I felt like I was walking on eggshells, and honestly, it was downright exhausting.

Since finding this membership, not only do I have realistic plans for helping my kids with their emotional rollercoasters, but I also discovered a new confidence in myself as a mom.

I’ve tried coaching before, but have never found it to be as validating, helpful, and realistic as what I’ve found in this membership. It’s been a total game-changer for our family dynamics.

-Amanda N.


Parenting with big emotions can be exhausting for the whole family.

I so feel you.

Trying to stay cool when my kids were having a meltdown felt like defusing a bomb without a manual.

There were days I felt like I was failing at every turn, questioning every decision. It seemed like no matter what I tried, the meltdowns only got worse, leaving me feeling helpless and ineffective as a parent.

I often felt isolated in my struggles, surrounded by parents whose children seemed to navigate life effortlessly. It was as if no one truly understood the intensity of parenting a child like mine.

I used to lay in bed at night, haunted by the thought that maybe I just didn't have what it takes to parent kids like mine.

I'd tried so many things...

❎ Using willpower to stop yelling

❎ Shaping my kids' behavior with harsh punishments to no punishments & everything in between

Hours spent on Google

Asking friends, family, pediatricians, & more

❎ Expensive therapy sessions with little progress

Forcing a smile while seething inside

❎ Trying to "choose" to not be angry & just be happy instead

❎ Books, podcasts, webinars and so much more...

...and it just seemed like nothing worked!

My lifeline was finding someone - anyone - who understood what it was like to parent kids like mine.

I remember laying face down on my bed, sobbing, because I had just terrified my 4-year old by screaming at him to stop screaming at me. His defiance and tantrums seemed to be more than I could handle. My own emotions were out of control. I felt so spread thin, so exhausted, so utterly at the end of my rope that I felt I might snap...and in fact, I did. Often. Several times a day.

Screaming matches with my toddler left us both in tears, and I could feel our family's harmony slipping away.

In the aftermath of my yelling, I saw not only my child's distress but also the concern in my husband's eyes. It was clear we all needed a change for a healthier, happier family life.

But I had one advantage: a firm belief that more peace at home was possible - even for our neurodivergent family.


My family's journey to mental & emotional health

needed to start with me learning to handle mine.

Once I had a grip on my own big feelings,

I was then able to find the most effective tools to help my kids handle theirs.



  • Less yelling, snapping, & arguments
  • Better relationships with my kids
  • Better relationship with my husband
  • Healthier conflict resolution
  • More self compassion
  • Less mom guilt
  • A more loving feeling at home
  • More happiness in general
  • Much less stress & overwhelm
  • More confidence in my parenting
  • Increased family cooperation
  • More hope & joy in parenting

"Before, I felt overwhelmed and confused about how to handle my own emotions, let alone my children's. Now, I feel confident and empowered..."

I was raised to believe that emotions should be shoved down, but I realized that this wasn't healthy and not how I wanted to raise my own children. This program has been nothing short of incredible.

I feel like I underwent a giant, life-changing perspective shift. Before, I felt overwhelmed and confused about how to handle my own emotions, let alone my children's. Now, I feel confident and empowered, armed with healthy ways to manage my emotions and amazing tools to teach my children how to handle theirs.

-Nicole T.


Learning to manage my own emotions hasn't only empowered me to handle my kid's intense emotions - it has emopwered me to be the central force in completely changing our family dynamic.

And it hasn't only worked for us -

This 4-step process has helped so many others in this journey!


Emotionally Healthy Families

Steer your family ship from stormy seas to calm waters.

Become the calm center of the storm,

armed with tools that not only steady your course, but also

teach your kids to sail through their own storms.

"I've...gained the navigate those intense emotional moments with grace and confidence."

-Brittany S.

Before joining this membership I felt like I was constantly drowning in my neurodivergent child's intense emotions. It was overwhelming and I struggled to handle the situations effectively.

But being a part of this community has been an absolute game-changer for me.

I've not only learned how to build a stronger and more meaningful connection with my child but I've also gained the tools and understanding to navigate those intense emotional moments with grace and confidence.


What you'll learn

Step 1: Regulate Your Own Emotions

Thoughts & Emotions Module

Begin by mastering self-regulation. This module focuses on understanding and managing your thoughts and emotions, which is vital in maintaining composure during your child's challenging moments.

Learn to be the pillar of calm that guides your family, so you can think logically, show up the way you want, and confidently lead by example.

Step 2: Uncover the Roots of Intense Emotions

Triggers Module

Explore both your and your child's triggers. This module helps you more easily identify what sparks emotional reactions and provides strategies for addressing these triggers effectively.

Gain clarity on the underlying causes of emotional responses to support yourself & your child more effectively.

Step 3 - Build Your Empowered Parenting Toolbox

Customizing Your Parenting Toolbox Module

Access a suite of resources including visuals, personalized guides, live coaching, and interactive community support. Tailor your parenting strategies with our videos and mini-workbooks, designed to fit your family’s unique needs.

Skip the trial-and-error phase so you can save time by moving straight to solutions that resonate with you and your child.

Step 4: Maintain Lifelong Growth

Grow as Your Child Grows Module

Embrace continuous development in your parenting journey. This step focuses on adapting and refining your skills as your child matures.

It encourages a growth mindset, ensuring you're always equipped to meet your child's evolving emotional and developmental needs.


Easy-to-Use and Easy-to-Implement Resources

Not to mention our ever-growing

collection of bonuses...

"The content is easy to consume and doesn't require hours of commitment, yet it's incredibly effective."

As a homeschooling mom of 3, finding the right support was a game-changer. I’ve tried other programs before but this is the first one that I was able to stick with.

The content is easy to consume and doesn't require hours of commitment, yet it's incredibly effective. I'm amazed at how much I've learned and how easy it is to find time for it in my busy life.

I have definitely been empowered in how to manage my own emotions and am much more confident in handling the hard times with my kids.

-Lili C.


I've already tried so many strategies and

nothing seems to work -

why should I consider Emotionally Healthy Families?


For less than half the cost of a single therapy session,

you can give your children the gift of a emotionally healthy home.

This means that each month you can:

🌟 Feel Empowered, Not Alone: Find solace in a community that truly gets it.

🌟 Become Your Best Self: Learn tools to show up better for your family each day.

🌟 Silence Your Inner Critic: Foster self-compassion and handle negative self-talk.

🌟 Transform Your Home Life: Shift from chaos to calm, creating a nurturing environment.

🌟 Lead by Example: Master your emotions to effectively guide your child's emotional growth.

🌟 Help your child: Discover parenting tools that are incredibly effective in helping your kid with their challenges

Emotionally Healthy Families Membership Includes:

🎥 On-Demand Trainings:

Tap into our portal anytime for realistic, bite-sized videos & resources that are easy to listen to and understand - even for overwhelmed minds..

🙋‍♀️ Group Coaching Sessions:

Join our live bi-monthly calls for Q&A mentorship & the support you've been missing. Catch the replays as videos or through our private podcast - whatever works for you.

💛 A Supportive Community:

Our 24/7 online group lets you share, learn, and find solidarity in parenting's ups and downs. Find growth/accountability buddies, and connect with coaches and other parents via text, audio, or video messages.

🌟 Personalized Parenting Resources:

Get weekly personalized resources created speifically for your family, with whatever challenge you're currently facing. Receive realistic, individualized resources, that you can read and put to practice in minutes.

...and more...✨

Emotionally Healthy Families will help

if you can check either box:


1. Starting the Emotional Journey

New to navigating your child's strong emotions (or your own)?

EHF lays out guilt-free step-by-step guidance for creating a more harmonious family environment.


2. Seeking Advanced Strategies

Already practicing emotional regulation but seeking more?

EHF brings advanced insights and ongoing support to fine-tune your family's emotional dynamics.

You'll find your place here,

no matter where you are on this path!

Your family is the center of your heart.

Every day you put off your own growth influences them, too.

Every effort you put in to your own emotional health will pay off big time in their future (and yours!)

With Emotionally Healthy Families, you're not just navigating the present challenges; you're laying the foundation for a lifetime of understanding, resilience, and deep connections.

Start building a legacy of emotional well-being today.

Investing in EHF means investing in a future where every family member feels supported, heard, and valued. It's about transforming daily struggles into opportunities for growth and bonding.

Join us, and together, let's turn those challenges into stepping stones towards a more harmonious and loving home.

"I feel more compassionate with myself in navigating the ups and downs of motherhood."

Working with Emily has been an eye-opening and empowering experience. From the moment we started working together, I felt comfortable being my most vulnerable self. Emily has a way of getting to the root causes of issues and is incredibly understanding and intuitive.

I've gained a deeper understanding of myself and my role as a mother, and I feel more compassionate with myself in navigating the ups and downs of motherhood.

-Jill B.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why shouldn't I just wait until later to join EHF?

A: The sooner you join, the quicker you can begin transforming your family's emotional dynamic. Every day without EHF is another day navigating the challenges of parenting without the support and tools that could make a significant difference. The skills and strategies you'll learn are not just temporary fixes; they are investments in your family's long-term emotional health and happiness.

Q: Is EHF suitable for parents new to emotional health strategies?
A: Absolutely! EHF is designed to be accessible and beneficial for both beginners and those already familiar with emotional health concepts.

Q: Can experienced parents find value in EHF?
A: Yes, EHF offers advanced insights and strategies that can enhance even the most seasoned parent's approach to emotional regulation in the family.

Q: Is it possible to join EHF any time?
A: No - EHF is typically closed and only opens its doors a few times each year, and doesn't have a set schedule for when they open.

Q: How much support is included in the membership?
A: EHF provides 24/7 online support through our members-only group, bi-monthly live coaching calls with Emily, weekly personalized parenting resources, and on-demand support between calls.

Q: How much time is required each week?
A: EHF is THE most time-leveraged way for overwhelmed parents to learn these strategies. All videos and worksheets are bite-sized and easily consumed. Just a few focused minutes each day can lead to significant improvements, making it manageable even for the busiest families. It's not just about investing time; it's about reclaiming it for what truly matters.

Q: Is EHF only for parents of neurodivergent children?
A: No, EHF is designed for all families, whether they include neurodivergent or neurotypical children, offering strategies that are widely applicable and effective.

Q: What kind of resources does EHF offer?
A: Expect a variety of tools including on-demand videos, practical worksheets, and interactive coaching sessions—all aimed at enhancing family emotional health.

Q: Do I need to be tech-savvy to use EHF?
A: Not at all! Our platform is easy to use on both mobile devices and computers, and we also provide support for any technical queries.

Q: I'm hesitant about joining an online community for personal matters.
A: It's natural to have reservations, but our community is a safe, supportive space. In our non-Facebook community, you're welcome to communicate under a pen name, and engage as much or as little as you prefer. You can hear from other parents and find surprising commonalities and solutions in their stories, and send and receive video, audio, and text-based notes.

Q: Why is the membership so cheap?! What's the catch?
A: We could easily sell this same program for much more $$, but our goal is to build a thriving, supportive community that is accessible to as many families as possible. The value you'll receive far outweighs the cost. Plus, it's an investment in your family's emotional well-being. If finances are still a concern, reach out, and we'll explore options.

Q: Will EHF still benefit me if I’m struggling with my child’s emotional regulation?
A: Yes, EHF is specifically tailored to help parents effectively guide their children through emotional regulation challenges.

Q: What if I don’t have a strong support system? Is EHF right for me?
A: EHF is perfect for those seeking a supportive community. You’ll find solidarity, shared experiences, and collective wisdom within our group.

Q: How soon can I access the EHF resources?
A: Access to EHF’s resources begins immediately upon membership registration. You’ll receive all the necessary details to start your journey right away.

Q: Is it possible to cancel my EHF membership?
A: Yes, you are not locked in to a minimum time. Easily cancel any time through your portal, or within 3 business days by email.

Q: Does EHF offer a money-back guarantee?
A: Absolutely! We offer a 7 day no-questions-asked money back guarantee. Just email us within 7 days of purchase if you find it's not for you.

Money Back Guarantee

No question asked 7 day refund guaranteed.

If you are unhappy for any reason, get your money back.

Rock solid guarantee

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Your credit card information is never stored in any way.

We respect your privacy.

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