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Join dedicated mothers who are

raising beautiful souls with big emotions.

Become an empowered, confident mom who nurtures an emotionally regulated family and thrives in motherhood.

Get live coaching, on-demand training, tools
& community support for only $34/month.

Most coaches charge anywhere from $97 to $497 per month for this kind of value.
But I decided to create one that all moms could afford.

Get instant access now for $34 - Cancel anytime


Can you relate? You...

  • Feel like you're walking on egg shells, wondering when the next meltdown will be.

  • Are sometimes overwehelmed with all the parenting advice...and aren't sure what works or doesn't.

  • Have had that guilty-feeling raspy voice from yelling or crying at your kid during their meltdown at the store.

  • Want your child to learn how to control their emotions they can thrive!

  • Wish you could enjoy your kids more...because you love them fiercely.

Motherhood doesn't have to be so hard.

I can help you:

Feel confident in your parenting approach

Goodbye double-guessing, self-doubting, & parenting guilt.

Hello confidence, self-trust, and self-compassion.


Have more peace at home

Enjoy a foundation of peace, so you can feel calm & in control - even when chaos and conflict arise.


Have a better relationship with your child

Work closely with a childhood expert so you can more easily understand and help your child.

I always loved my children, but before working with Emily I felt constantly overwhelmed as a mother, struggling to balance my own needs with the demands of motherhood. This program has changed so much for me.

My children are melting down less, and I am more consciously able to show up like the mom I want to be. My self-talk is so much more compassionate and that is translating to me being a calmer, more confident version of myself, too.

-Sierra H.

I get it. Parenting kids with big feelings can feel hard - but it doesn't have to.

You have a full plate - kids, a house, other obligations - which means you can't focus on learning to meet your child's emotional needs 24/7.

I have 4 kids and had 27 foster kids over 3.5 years - on top of my work from home jobs... and it was a long, lonely, confusing road learning how to confidently handle my children's big feelings on top of everything else.

But, after many difficult years, I finally learned to control my own emotions and more effectively help my children with their big feelings and behaviors. Now I want to empower you to do the same - but without the long, winding road that so many moms travel.  Join me as I teach you the skills and strategies that will completely transform your motherhood experience - for the better.

Confident Parenting Made Easy

The Confidently Momming Membership is so realistic because the content is easy to consume and you don't have to do it alone.

And that means that with minimal time commitment, your growth - and results - will be incredible.


Working with Emily has been an eye-opening and empowering experience. From the moment we started working together, I felt comfortable being my most vulnerable self. Emily has a way of getting to the root causes of issues and is incredibly understanding and intuitive.


 I've gained a deeper understanding of myself and my role as a mother, and I feel more compassionate with myself in navigating the ups and downs of motherhood. This is an invaluable resource, and I am so grateful for my transformation.

-Jill B.

Expertise Combined with Understanding

☀️ Certified Teacher

☀️ Worked with 1000+ children worldwide

☀️Successfully coached/taught 100's of adults

☀️ Relatable - Still in the thick of it!

Emily 5.jpg
nicole t.jpeg

I was raised to believe that emotions should be shoved down, but I realized that this wasn't healthy and not how I wanted to raise my own children. This program has been nothing short of incredible.


I feel like I underwent a giant, life-changing perspective shift. Before, I felt overwhelmed and confused about how to handle my own emotions, let alone my children's. Now, I feel confident and empowered, armed with healthy ways to manage my emotions and amazing tools to teach my children how to handle theirs.

I am so grateful for the change it has brought in my life and in my family's life, in helping me feel equipped to be the best possible parent for my children.

-Nicole T.

Here's what we'll accomplish together


Step 1: Learn how to stay calm during meltdowns, even when you're exhausted, busy, or overwhelmed

With my 4 step process, you will be able to stay confident & calm, even when your kid is shutting down, screaming, fighting, slamming the door, hurling insults...or otherwise being challenging.

Step 2: Understand why your child is acting up...made easy

Trainings, printed guides, live coaching & community support provide an easy-to-follow roadmap so you can get to the roots of your child's big feelings - without wasting time - and then know where to begin helping them handle their emotions.

Step 3: Construct your personal, effective Confident Mom Toolbox

Proactively gain simple, effective, and personal parenting tools for a variety of circumstances. a combination of visuals, guides, and coaching.

Step 4: Continue to grow as your child grows

Nurture a lifelong growth mindset as you ditch the mom guilt & continue to learn and grow right alongside your child.

Ashley headshot.jpg

I used to feel so alone and isolated in parenting a child with big emotions. The wisdom and insights taught in the program have changed the way that I parent and, while we still have our tough moments, it’s no where near as hard as it used to be. The tools and strategies Emily teaches are out of the box, practical and useful and her compassionate coaching methods have greatly blessed my life and my children’s lives.

-Ashley S.

Confidently Momming 
Membership Includes:

☀️ Immediate access to all 4 modules of our powerful and easy-to-understand core content

☀️ On-demand, easy-to-consume videos 

☀️ Bi-monthly Q&A mentorship & support via group coaching calls.

☀️ 24/7 access to our private online community for any questions in between our group calls.

...basically the most user-friendly, time-leveraged, compassionate program to empower you to meet your child's intense emotions & behaviors with calm confidence.

I'm so excited to be a part of this community, because a huge help for me has been finding camaraderie in the struggles, and the collection of solutions that others have to offer.


I have found so much comfort in being able to provide my children with a safe space...and help them gain self-confidence in their emotional regulation.

I am not only learning but I am actually putting that knowledge into practice because you have been very encouraging and made me see my challenges from a better perspective. 

You love your children more than anything.

You also want to...

  • Be empowered in your parenting - quickly and easily

  • Understand their emotional outbursts

  • Learn to control your own emotions

  • Learn skills to help your child thrive

This program can help you get there.
Mother and Son

Enjoy Amazing Bonuses - For Free!

Confident Momming Guarantees:


Fast Track Growth Guarantee

Streamline your growth and save valuable time with concise, to-the-point videos that are easy to watch or listen to whenever it works for you.


Easy Access Guarantee

All the Confidently Momming materials are created to be easy to consume and understand - even for exhausted or busy minds.


Community Support Guarantee

Connect in our private group with moms in similar situations. For privacy, feel free to invent a pen name for you or your children. Communicate as much or as little as you like.

"This is exactly the work and information I feel like I've been looking for for years. So thankful to be tapping into your space of expertise and soak in as much as I can from it!"

"Coaching from Emily has not only helped immensely in creating a better mindset towards the everyday tasks of motherhood, but has also helped me feel comradery in my journey."

"YOU ARE the deal. Your knowledge and your hard work gather all of this information so I don't have to sift through book after book but you're going to help me do -x, -y, -z ... "


Don't let the  hustle keep you from becoming the mom you want to be.

You child is one of your top priorities.

Let's empower you to confidently help your child thrive - before they're another year older.

Too many moms end up learning how to have an emotionally regulated family only after their children have grown -  simply because they didn't have the right tools and strategies to parent kids with big feelings with greater confidence and ease.

You've sacrificed too much for that child to keep struggling.

Let's make sure you have access to all the skills, community, and personalized expert help that will get you there, quickly and compassionately.


If you're ready to transform from overwhelmed to empowered and confident, I've got you.

Enroll in the Confidently Momming Kids with Big Emotions Membership today and:

+ Lock in the low early-bird rate of $34/month.


+ Get immediate access to our library to start binging on more than 65 videos, and grow your effective parenting toolbox. Or wait and watch one a week - whatever pace works for you.

+ Come to all live calls to ask your questions and be coached, or review the recordings at your leisure.

+ Gain access to our amazing community and valuable bonuses.

+ Make emotionally regulated parenting inevitable in your future.

Confidently Momming Membership
  • Pay $34 monthly

  • Cancel any time

  • Lock in this low price

  • Incredible Bonuses:

    • Beautiful full-color Confidently Momming Guidebook 

    • When Your Spouse Parents Differently

    • Confidently Handle Sibling Conflict


Q: How am I supposed to find time for this? A: I understand. You have a LOT on your plate. But this will save you SO much time in the long run. You don’t want to waste these years with your child - you don’t want to wait 2, 5, 6 more years before learning how to parent a child with big emotions in a way that feels good and will bring more peace at home and fosters better relationship in the long term…and help you feel peace instead of stress. This is SO IMPORTANT for you to understand: This is literally THE most time-leveraged way to learn these skills. You won't find the same rapid growth elsewhere.

Q: I'm not sure how I feel about an online community, especially for something so personal. A: This is a valid concern, but a group setting is truly where you will grow the most. You can use a pen name or post annonymously if you prefer, and you are welcome to participate as much or as little as you want. You can ask questions on the live calls or you can just listen to other moms ask theirs - but I promise you will still grow as a result. Here is what a client had to say about this question: "Online learning/communities and be difficult to adapt to, BUT I like the flexibility they provide and the versatility for when and where (physical location) I can participate. I also really love virtual things for being able to search previous conversations/notes/etc. to help me remember better and reference easier (if that makes sense). "As far as 'publicly' sharing the challenges... I think you offer great solutions of being able to 'attend' under a different name, and change names/gender of the kids. I TOTALLY get the reservations, but it's also something I've adjusted (not the right word) to because I know the value in being vulnerable and the connection that comes with sharing the experiences. "And I think people would be REALLY surprised at how much their situations are similar to others. "Also, just the amazing solutions that others offer that I didn't even give thought to.”

Q: I don't know if I can afford this. A: You will literally get thousands of dollars worth of value from this membership. The monthly subscription price is an incredible investment. You are also welcome to cancel at any time. If finances are *really* the only thing holding you back, contact me and we will brainstorm a solution.

Q: Why is it so cheap?! What’s the catch?! A: I’ll be completely honest with you. In order to have a thriving community within the Confidently Momming membership, we need members! Because I have only done one-and-done masterminds before with this material, most of my former students have moved on, and there are only a handful in this brand new community. There may be a couple of hiccups as I learn how to handle a large community. And for trusting me this early in the game, you will lock in the incredibly low price of only $29 a month. (This is for access to all the same material that I was selling for $1,277 just last week - it is a steal.) I see this as being a major win-win situation.

Q: What do you mean by the "Confidently Momming Portal"? Can I get a preview of the core content? A: Absolutely! Check it out here:

Still have some unanswered questions?

Click here to schedule a no-commitment, hassle-free clarity call.

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