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Emotionally Intelligent Kids

Give your child the gift of emotional intelligence - without the guesswork

Get instant access to 30+ videos to watch with your child to help them learn social-emotional skills

Sound familiar? Your kid....

  • ...might scream, cry, or shut down when something doesn't go as planned

  • ...has emotions that seem to be on overdrive... 

  • ...might get angry or sad when you don't think they should be

  • ...struggles to bounce back from dissapointments

  • ...doesn't want to be bad, but seems to lack the skills to regulate their emotions.

You want the best for your child, but navigating their emotional development can be tricky or overwhelming.

There is an easier way to teach your child social skills and emotional regulation

The Children's Emotional Education Video Vault is the solution you've been looking for to help your child with their big feelings

Kids Playing Tug of War
  • ​Instant, 30-day access to over 30 videos that teach emotional intelligence in an easy-to-follow format

  • New videos & resources added regularly at no extra charge, so you can continue to empower your child with new skills and insights

  • A stress-free way to teach your child essential life skills, without the guesswork or time commitment

  • The ability to watch the videos with your child, or to watch them on your own to get ideas for how and what to teach your child

  • Topics include, but are not limited to:​​

    • How to calm your anger

    • How your brain works

    • How emotions work

    • Developing empathy

    • Creating a calm-down basket

    • Neueodiversity

    • When someone is bothering you

    • Wanting something you can't have

    • It's okay to be different

    • What is anxiety?

    • ...and more

Intuitively Designed Videos by Compassionate Mothers

Currently in the thick of raising beautiful souls with big emotions - and with the experience to know how to help them.

We understand the struggles that parents face when trying to teach emotional intelligence, and have distilled our expertise into these powerful videos that will increase your child's confidence, self-compassion, and resilience.

Flexible learning options for unique children

module 4.png

Plus, get these bonus social-emotional tools!

The earlier you start teaching your child emotional intelligence, the easier the journey becomes

Start your child's journey towards emotional intelligence now, and watch them blossom

You love your child deeply.

You know they aren't tying to be bad.

It can be frustrating and disheartening to witness your child's struggles, but know that you have the power to help them learn and grow.


The Emotional Education Video Vault provides an accessible and effective way for parents to teach their children skills they need to navigate emotions and relationships.

Ready for the Children's Emotional Education Video Vault?

  • Join as a Beta tester for only $7 and get 30-days access to all the content

  • 7-day money back guarantee

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