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Congratulations, Mama!

Your 5 Roadblocks Mini-Training is on its way to your inbox!

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This mini-training will help you avoid so many pitfalls that many moms find themselves in when they try to stop yelling at their kids, so you can make faster progress in your goals, and have more self-compassion in the journey.


“This guide is so easy to follow and the tips in it are definitely helping to de-escalate my kids meltdowns. It’s totally worth it!”
-Ashley S.
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Can you relate?

❖  You feel your heart racing when you're child's about to explode

❖ You wish you could diffuse the situation without giving in to their demands

❖ You love your kid and want to see them thrive

❖ You want methods that have been proven in real life and backed by research

“I was blown away by how helpful this guide was! I was able to put the tools directly into action and have experienced immediate relief. What a fabulous resource!"
-Lauren B.

Be empowered with confidence

✔️ Quickly understand 7 tools that are proven to help de-escalate a child's meltdowns

✔️ Instant PDF download with explanation, example, and links to learn more

✔️  Easy to consume, yet powerful when implemented

✔️  Show up effectively when your child is being emotional

✔️  Learn how to bring more peace into your home

"…as my child’s gotten older her emotions are challenging to handle in different ways. These practical tools are great and help my child (and me!) feel more calm and regulate."
-Rita H.

We all know the dread that comes when we see our child about to meltdown, along with the hopelessness of wishing there was something we could do to help de-escalate it.

This guide includes 7 methods that are proven in real-life and backed by research to be effective in helping to calm your child's pending meltdown. Each method includes an explanation, an example, a resource for going deeper, and research to support it.

Written to be easy to follow - even if you're exhausted or feeling worn thin - but powerful in its ability to help you diffuse intense feelings when your child is about to lose control. 

I can't wait for you to dig in and see the difference it makes in your motherhood, so you can go from feeling hopeless to empowered when such a moment comes.


And you get all 7 proven methods for only $7. 🤯

Empower your motherhood 

"...absolutely loved it! Her honest and tangible ideas were something I had not thought of. I very much look forward to implementing them!"
-Cathy G.
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As a mom of 4, former foster mom of 4, and educator of all ages, I know the heart-wrenching dread when you realize that your child is about to meltdown.

It seemed like nothing I did would help, or it would just make it worse. 

...but years later, working with 1,000+ children, and doing my own research, I learned these 7 tips to help de-escalate a meltdown.

And they have been life-changing for our family.

Our home is so much lighter, and I don't stress nearly like I used to when my children are on the brink of completely losing all emotional control.

If you can relate at all, there is definitely no harsh judgement here - only compassion, and a desire to empower you. This 7 Proven Methods to De-Escalate a Meltdown Guide will teach you 7 powerful methods to help you de-escalate your child's meltdowns, so you can then help your child learn better emotional regulation, and so there will be more ease and light in your motherhood.

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